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Carr Software's Pirate Battles

"Treasure Island is different from all other computer games I can think of. It introduces the mix between real-time and turn-based games, and does it well." SharePaper

"...that merges the fervor of real-time strategy with the paced control of turn-based play.... Maneuvering and swordfighting are intense, but, fortunately, the pirates don't cheat (though their AI is quite good). Further, while there's plenty of action, no blood stains the playfield as no one actually gets killed. So, if you're ready to swashbuckle with the best, download (4.7MB) Treasure Island and set sail for some addictive strategic play." Game Briefs

5 Games for 1 Sale! For a limited time when you purchase our new game Pirate Battles (only $29.95) you'll also get the full versions of our Treasure Island, Capture the Flag, Rescue, and Mix and Match games!

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